DD – Flying back to the sub broke the thread. The thread that connected me to Paul and Grayfast, to all our paths and places together.

But if we hadn’t flown, Alcatur’s supporters would have caught us.

I kept feeling like I was watching myself in a movie.

My short visits to the Trigg house before we ran away from the sub left strong memories that flooded my head now… the first time I discovered the strange building with all its levels and secrets… inside, the beautiful carved wood… meeting Aunt Axi… dinner with Alcatur and his plate of bloody meat… Grayfast watching from the bushes… Grayfast attacking Alcatur… Ms. Benson dropping me off with instructions to run if necessary… the secret library… Paul introducing me to the book of the Everweer…

The Everweer. How could Ezra and Natalie be on Alcatur’s side? They were the ones who were friendly. Martin was more, just polite. And Mr. Colvant. He was the one I would have expected to be a secret traitor.

Maybe I was wrong about everybody.

No. Not everybody.

I miss Paul and Grayfast so much, words are too weak to describe it. I bet Paul is asleep, wherever he and Grayfast are. Maybe Grayfast would be curled under a space blanket next to Paul.

I still couldn’t hear Aunt Axi breathe. I stopped writing. How could I ask, was I keeping her awake, without waking her with the asking?

“Would you like a light to write more easily?” Aunt Axi asked. Yup. Awake.

“No thank you, I’m used to writing in the dark.” But Paul couldn’t draw in the dark, until he started making the photograph drawings. Those came from somewhere that didn’t need his eyes to see.

“Those drawings that Paul had in the office.”

Her bed creaked. The nightlight made her a silhouette – she was leaning on an arm, no longer flat in bed. She asked, “Did anyone else see his drawings?”

When I said no, she flopped back onto her pillow like she was relieved. I asked, “What do the drawings show? Where is that white room?”

“The drawings show the crypt where Paul’s parents would one day be buried. Had they not vanished. Paul has never visited that crypt.”

“But he can draw it, inside and out.”

“His powers emerge.” Aunt Axi sounded proud and curious.

But not worried. I’m trying to copy her.

And now I hear her breathing. Once again I’m the only one awake. – sE


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