DD – I’m excited that I have a terrible headache, a combo. My head is breaking open and a bomb is exploding behind my eyes. Grayfast style of headaches. I so want Grayfast to make contact that the rippling pain makes me smile.

The sun is too bright for my eyes but I keep staring out the windows of my loft – Grayfast would be quite interested to see all those little hopping birds.




^ That part of the page up above is empty because my pen can’t write there. The paper is too wet — because when I saw the scrabble writing I cried like a faucet. The paper is wet, my shirt is wet, a pillow is wet.

I’m blinking and staring at the hopping birds, and in my head making lists of all the things Grayfast’s message could mean. As usual I don’t get what he wrote but I’m not criticizing. He speaks human a lot better than I speak cat!

I think he means he’s protecting Paul from danger.

Also, he might know I’m here at the Trigg house.

Around me, the loft got vague. I was sitting among pillows but I was running low to the ground on all fours. Dirt skimmed under my belly.

I run to find our path. The dirt is wet and sucks at my toes. One more step and the dirt falls away. Below my paws, water runs and growls. This is the edge of the ground. My paws step backward and I run back the way I came. The scrape scrape scrapes lead me to our place, the hole inside the bushes. The two-legs holds a stick that scrapes the white. The stick bleeds brown lines on the white. I stop and he stops. His gray eyes see me and he shows his teeth in the snarl that means friends.

The scene vanished – Grayfast had showed me Paul in a park or woods near a river.

When I saw Paul I must have made a noise. Aunt Axi stopped clattering around in the kitchen below my loft. “Ella, are you alright?”

I smiled at the red and orange patterns on the loft pillows. “Yes. Definitely.”

I’d better keep my connection with Grayfast a secret, so I couldn’t tell Aunt Axi the good news. I saw Paul. He’s okay, still drawing like crazy. And Grayfast is finding their way.

So I’m with Paul’s aunt and he’s with my cat and somehow we’ll get back together. – sE


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