DD – Tomorrow I have interviews at both supermarkets in the sub. At last I could do serious saving to buy a car. No way can I move out of the sub without one. And I can’t wait to get out. Saw Paul yesterday at Starbucks. He didn’t see me. Too busy sharing a frappuccino with some blonde girl. I’m more insulted than hurt if that’s who he chooses next. – sE



DD – Sorry I haven’t written for a few days. Lourdes and I did a TV binge. CBW. Watched every episode of every show we could think of, featuring a guy with a cute butt (= CB). (W = weekend.) – sE


DD – Now that Paul broke up with me, my friends seem way more fun again. Hope I never ditch them for another guy. We’re going to Lewis’ sister’s house. Beach house in San Diego. Supposedly Taylor Swift stays near by! Practicing fast selfie skills in case we see her. – sE


DD – Never mind about the bikini photo. Keeping last year’s suit. Should have shopped on line. It’s easier to make a decision when no mirrors are involved. Lourdes says just wear cut-offs and a bra. That must be the cool thing to do. She always knows the cool things. – sE


DD – At last Lourdes and I are going bikini shopping! I’m starting to have a normal life again!

I was afraid the big sale would be over but I think we’ll be there in time. Wish me luck, D! I’ll attach a photo so you can see what I end up with. –  sE


DD – Lourdes slept a lot and woke up fine. Changelings left and came back with lots of bad news about innocent people dying but no word of what was happening at the Trigg house.

We don’t want Lourdes to crumble again so we are keeping her protections short. So I don’t have much time to write this. I can’t write except when Lourdes has a protection up. It’s been three days since I wrote last.

Somehow, when I write, I guess my thoughts get stronger. Sharper. More findable. By whoever is looking for me. An enemy. Trying to get inside my head and cause damage. I’m feeling the danger whenever I write without Lourdes’ protection.

I don’t know how to defend myself against vague danger. I need to figure out who is after me and are they after anyone else. If it’s Natalie, maybe changelings combining our powers can stop her. If it’s Everweer,  knowing that person’s powers is step one in knowing their flaws and how to fight back.

So. I’m going to use myself as bait. When Lourdes drops a protection I’ll write just a little bit so I can study the situation, get some clues about who and where. Maybe turn things around and go after whoever is sneaking up on my thoughts.

I’ll be writing about nothing – can’t risk giving valuable info away. So, sorry, D, it’s about to get lame around here. – sE